Monday, November 25, 2013

30-Minutes-in-the-Life: Nov 2013: Jupiter Inlet

In the life of a photographer, whose art is created in tiny fractions of a second, thirty minutes is a sustained thought.  Thirty, minutes, the length of a child's ballet class, a quick sauce's simmer; a commute, is long enough to witness change and short enough to be over before you know it.  We offer you here our monthly results of thirty minutes of watching and waiting and recording, of rendering permanent those fractions of a second that slip past in the time it takes to watch a television show.  Thirty minutes in the life

~ Sara Kelly

30-minutes-in-the-Life is a group of photographers who stop for 30 minutes and take photographs.  I am privileged to be a part of this group with these amazing women.
For this time frame I have chosen pictures I took 2 weekends ago up in Jupiter.  We joined up with friends to go and listen to some live music and then off to dinner.  Nothing better than time with friends!
What caught my attention on this particular afternoon was the different cloud formations as the 30 minutes progressed.  The area is very pretty and I have enjoyed now seeing both sides of the inlet. 
The first half  of the photos were taken at the Inlet from a venue called Castaways.

Since we could not get a seat in the rather full area, we walked along the pier to take in the view.

Below is the Jupiter Lighthouse which I featured in a previous blog.  I actually climbed to the top of the lighthouse.  If you want to read more about the light house click here.



The balance below were taken 5 minutes away from a venue called the Dive Shack.  Nothing nicer than eating your dinner with friends, overlooking this peaceful view and listening to an artist playing kettle drums.  Good times. 


The balance of these pictures do not fall into my 30 minute time frame, but I did want to include them.


“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.”  

~ Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds

Remember to follow the link and see what Cindy Cavanagh, Family Portrait Photography, Sydney Australia has shared this month.

To learn more about this project go to 30-Minutes-in-the-Life  webpage and enjoy what has been offered over the past few months. 


  1. What a nice afternoon! It makes me so excited to come down to that area again in January :) Love that golden light peeping out from the clouds!

  2. Sharleen, those spots look like some really beautiful spots. Beautiful images!

  3. Oh how I love that light house! Fantastic sky, too.

    These are fantastic, Sharleen!

  4. Thanks Colleen - I am looking forward to meeting you when you come down. Thank you Stacey and Summer for your comments.

  5. Some amazing photos Sharleen. I particularly like the rods (?) and the buoys. I am proud of you! Much love, Myles

  6. Sharleen, what a lovely time you must have had! You did such a fantastic job capturing those beautiful clouds in all their variety and beauty. Thanks for sharing! xo